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About Us

Since its inception in 1995 Haweka UK has distributed the Haweka range of wheel balancing adaptors and wheel alignment kits. Pro-Cut was added to the range in 2000, and the offices and warehouse near Cheltenham set up as the European distribution centre on behalf of Pro-Cut USA. Since that time over 3500 Pro-Cut machines have been installed at customers across Europe. 

We are Tecalemit Garage Equipment Co Limited. Established in 1922, Tecalemit is one of the Automotive Industry’s best recognised brands.

“More Than A Machine”

Our philosophy is simple. We will always be More Than A Machine. We offer much more than just the supply high quality machines to workshops. With many years of technical and marketing expertise in Pro-Cut we deliver:

  • Practical training for customers on how to use the lathe and how to promote the disc skimming service
  • A marketing package for workshops, with countertop leaflets, a video, a disc model, and in the UK membership of our exclusive ‘Skim My Discs’ website which assists car owners in finding a Pro-Cut workshop. This helps you to promote your business.
  • Technical back-up for customers including regular machine servicing, problem solving and advice on disc skimming for specialist vehicles


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