The specialist brake components manufacturer EBC recommends Pro-Cut.

See their article which explains brake judder and its solution in more detail here.

Some of the key points that EBC make are:

  • Problems with brake judder will not be solved by changing discs. If discs are changed when there is brake judder this will provide a temporary solution but vibrations will return after 3,000 to 6,000 miles
  • Pro-Cut machines work on both plain discs and even better on slotted and drilled discs of all types.
EBC started using the Pro-Cut lathe 8 years ago after investigating numerous vibration issues on cars and found the product was not to blame but in 95% plus of the cases alignment was the issue.

Spring brings a wave of issues on vibration after potholes and slippery roads causing vehicles to nudge kerbstones mis align wheel hubs.

The weak stance is to throw a new set of rotors at the customer using mythical expressions such as 'Your discs are warped' which is physically impossible with a rigid large mass of cast iron but this stance leads to a problem repeat and eventually reputation damage.

Recommending Pro-Cut solves it all, even on new discs.

If a vehicle comes in for service with brake vibration, installing new parts without a Pro-Cut is a waste of time and materials and Garages can really gain friends and satisfied customers using a Pro-Cut to perfect their brake installations."

It is very telling that a brake disc manufacturer recommends that discs should be skimmed as a solution to brake judder. Along with virtually all vehicle manufacturers (whose engineering departments have tested the Pro-Cut machine), this confirms that brake judder can only be permanently solved by correct machining of the discs directly on the vehicle.