Central Garage in Snaith, originally established in 1928 and simply known locally as "The Jag Garage", has been around for over 40 years. Passing through three generations of the family, it has evolved into a fully equipped diagnostic garage specialising in Jags and Landrovers.

Andrew Hannah and his team at the Jag Garage have a reputation for honesty and pragmatism when repairing vehicles (needed when fixing old jaguars!) and like to provide customers with good old fashioned top quality all round service and great value for money.

When servicing customers brake systems, Andrew found that he was having to replace brake discs that still had plenty of life left in them, but suffered from ‘warped disc syndrome*’. This was costing his customers money and taking up his technicians valuable time. He felt there must be a better option and that’s when he found out about the Pro Cut brake disc skimming system.

Andrew was given a very comprehensive demonstration by the Pro-Cut tech team, and could instantly see the benefits of the machine. Skimming discs on the wheel meant he could cure brake vibration quickly, accurately and permanently. Great news for thrifty customers and, most importantly, time saved in the workshop to get on with other pressing jobs.

Andrew had this to say about his experiences of the ProCut brake lathe:

As a long-standing and experienced ProCut user, I would gladly recommend the brake lathe to a prospective new user. It allows us to offer a really great service to our customers. The machine itself is of excellent quality, easy to set up and easy to use. It has paid for itself three times over already! The technical backup we get from Pro-Cut is also excellent."

The ProCut lathe has clearly been a great asset at The Jag Garage with a good return on investment. Everyone who knows Andrew and his team knows he would not offer this service unless he really believed in the results he gets.


* Warped Discs generally refers to discs with Disc Thickness Variation (DVT) caused by disc run-out. This occurs when a disc is not aligned with the wheel hub, and wears unevenly, leading to brake vibration. The discs are not really warped, but it’s a term we often hear used by the motorist in the street. On-wheel brake skimming is the only way to permanently correct this problem. Brake manufacturer EBC recommend all new discs are skimmed when fitted to a vehicle