Des Johnson of D & B automotive recently upgraded his PFM 9.0 to the latest PFM 9.2.

Over the last 2 years Des has used his 9.0 regularly but realised he needed a bigger lathe to work on high-spec Audis, BMWs and Bentleys, especially with D & B receiving ever more of enquires via Skim My Discs, the Pro-Cut drivers’ website Skim My Discs.

As we installed his new lathe, Des commented:

I do a lot of electrical diagnostic work as I have the latest kit for this. Customers with top of the range Audis and BMWs who come to have their discs skimmed then also need diagnostic work which I can provide. So Skim My Discs and the Pro-Cut brake lathe have generated multiple new customers and extra business for my workshop. This has been a really good investment”.

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