Opportunities for your Workshop

Many garages have banished the cold winter blues by adding an extra service, which offers customers better brakes and increases their profitability.

This is easily achieved with the Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe. The machine is simple to use, gives reliably accurate results and takes just 9 minutes per disc to complete the job.

Often at this time of year vehicle brakes suffer from corrosion, uneven disc surfaces, or some run-out which results in brake judder. These problems frequently show up at the MOT test.

The Pro-Cut process not only gives a perfect surface for new pads, it also restores the "ex-factory geometry" of the disc, meaning that there is no possibility of brake vibrations occurring. Even when new discs are fitted, vibrations can still occur. An excellent video showing this is opposite.

To increase your workshop opportunities call Pro-Cut on 01242 621011.