Pro-Cut Helps Garages Retain Customers

Many garages have told us they are repeatedly losing business when motorists are quoted for brake repairs.

Offering brake disc skimming with a Pro-Cut on wheel brake lathe can reverse this trend and help you keep your customers.

Over the course of a month some workshops we contacted reported that high numbers of customers, especially those with performance cars (where discs can be expensive) walk away when prices quoted for brake disc replacement are more than they are prepared to pay.

Pro-Cut provides the solution with the on-car brake lathe. By skimming discs which are only part-worn and really do not need replacing, garages can offer customers a more attractive alternative to costly brake disc replacement. This allows workshops to offer a more competitive price, yet deliver ‘brand new’ braking performance and consequently increase customer retention previously lost to high-priced quotes. Also, because the Pro-Cut lathe corrects for lateral run-out, drivers will not return with complaints about brake judder.

But don't just take our word for it! Contact us now and we can provide testimonials from many satisfied customers.